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National Bike to Work Day 2024

Today, May 17, marks National Bike to Work Day, and with many of our Bunters opting for a bike commute to work today (and most work days), it was no challenge getting a few action shots for the day that’s in it.


National Bike to Work Day is celebrated annually on the third Friday each May to promote sustainable commutes, physical and mental wellness, and the strengthening of community connections.


At Bunt & Associates, we are strong believers in active transportation! Building sustainable communities is part of our DNA, and it’s one of the reasons that our Active Transportation Practice is growing and our projects are catching lots of attention.


Active Modes / Mobility is finding ways to incorporate physical activity into our commutes and movement, whether it be walking, cycling, scooters or other forms. Even public transport that requires us to get to stops and stations can be counted.


As the weather warms up and our days get longer, we challenge you to look for ways to incorporate active transport into your schedule – you’ll be glad you did!