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RAIC 2024 National Design Award: Realizing Riverwalk West

Bunt & Associates is pleased to congratulate Ground3 Inc on winning the RAIC National Design Award for the “Realizing Riverwalk West” proposal. We are proud to be part of the Gound3 Team together with Hereby Architectural Inc., SIKOMH KOKOMII, Martinson Golly Ltd., and RJC Engineering. This project is focused on the redevelopment of part of Calgary’s scenic pathway system that stretches along the Bow River, creating a vibrant, public realm with greater pathway connectivity. It will be enjoyed by anyone and everyone that passes through or visits the area.


The jury summarized the project perfectly, stating: “Building upon the Indigenous practice of meeting at the water’s edge, this master plan embraces the interplay between land and water, and keeping this as a car-free, active experience….RiverWalk West showcases rich cultural diversity and a coherence with existing public spaces, and demonstrates how multi-use pathways can connect a city.”


Bunt is thrilled to be part of such an inspiring project.


Read more about it in the May issue of Canadian Architect.