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Bunt is growing!

We’re excited to welcome more of the best and brightest to our Bunt community. These transportation professionals are already contributing their knowledge and experience to achieve great outcomes on our projects. Among the below, we have multilinguists, world travelers, outdoor and sports enthusiasts, creatives and pet-lovers. We’re looking forward to working beside them, supporting their professional and personal growth, as we solve evolving transportation challenges.


To learn more about our new Bunters, check out their profiles here.


Vancouver Office:

Anita Odchimar, EIT – Transportation Analyst
Amanda Reale, EIT – Transportation Analyst
Allan Conopio – Transportation Technologist
Marsha Yeung – Marketing & Communications Specialist
Ella Hlus – Co-op Student
Sarah Li – Co-op Student


Kelowna Office:

Josie Ackroyd – Transportation Analyst
Ryan Saran, EIT – Transportation Analyst


Edmonton Office:

Brian Thi, EIT – Transportation Analyst


Calgary Office:

Rory Fraser – Transportation Technologist
Gloria Shu, EIT – Transportation Analyst
Abbas Hesabi Hesari – Engineering Intern