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Safety Perfomance of Bicycle Infrastructure

Active Transportation is an increasingly significant aspect of our communities. As one of the most cost-effective ways for an individual to become more physically active and remain healthy in the long-term, the importance of active transportation cannot be overstated. Active transportation can improve connections between communities and provide opportunities to those who are not drivers, often including the most vulnerable people in society, e.g. children, people with lower incomes, people with disabilities, and the elderly to become mobile and active. Connected active transportation networks increase mobility and access within the community, facilitating access to jobs, schools, health care, and community facilities.


Cycling is at the forefront of active transportation as a popular mode of travel. TAC’s recently published report “Safety Performance of Bicycle Infrastructure in Canada” helps to paint an informed picture of the safety performance of different types of bicycle facilities in Canada. Bunt was pleased to be one of the funding partners for the research and to be part of the Steering Committee through Tyler Thomson, a Senior Active Transportation Planner within our Victoria office. We are proud of our involvement in this report and look forward to seeing it utilized in the Active Transportation domain.