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Federico Puscar – 2021 Rising Star Award

We would like to congratulate Federico Puscar for winning the Canadian Institute of Transportation Engineers (CITE) 2021 Rising Star Award! Additionally, he has also been recognized by the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) as part of the 2021 Class of Young Leaders to Follow. Fede’s passion for enhancing the transportation engineering profession has been evident since he first joined Bunt & Associates in 2017 and we are proud that he is being recognized by the transportation industry. Speaking on his recent industry involvement and achievements, Fede shares that:


“It’s been an amazing experience to work with ITE, CITE, and TAC members in developing road safety and transportation impact assessment training courses, as well as collaborating in the 2021 update of the ITE Trip Generation Manual. I am honoured to be recognized on a both a national and international level by such renowned professional organizations.


I’d like to share and celebrate these awards with my fellow Bunt staff, past and present, who have helped me throughout these years at the firm, as well as my friends and family. I would especially like to thank Jane Farquharson, Yulia Liem, Carlos Perez, Daniel Bragagnini, and Khelen Upadhyay for their support of my nomination. Thank you all!”