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Congratulations Amanda Reale, P.Eng.

A huge congratulations to Bunt’s Amanda Reale, who has officially earned her P.Eng. designation and is now registered with EGBC and PEO.


Amanda joined Bunt & Associates in 2022, and since doing so, has continued to demonstrate her dedication and expertise – making valuable contributions to many of Bunt’s projects and building strong relationships with colleagues and clients along the way. There’s no question that Amanda will continue to be successful throughout her career as a transportation engineer.


Amanda’s message speaks for itself: “As a woman in a male dominated field, it means a great deal to me to achieve this milestone. I am extremely grateful to the many engineers I’ve worked with for their mentorship and guidance. As engineers, we get to be a part of creating something that will be a lasting legacy in our communities, and that is an opportunity I do not take for granted. Being an engineer is constant learning and growth, and I am excited for what is to come.”


Well done, Amanda; we couldn’t be more proud, and we’re looking forward to supporting your continued growth!