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Bunt’s 30th Anniversary Celebration

It was all about celebrating 30 years of excellence, embracing joy, encouraging learning and growth and fostering employee connections. Last month, the Bunt & Associates community had an absolute blast in Whistler, BC, commemorating Bunt’s 30th anniversary. Over 55 colleagues from five offices across Alberta and British Columbia gathered to applaud Bunt’s three decades of teamwork, innovation, and steadfast dedication to excellence.


During the immersive 3-day staff retreat, we had the opportunity to connect in-person with colleagues from different offices, explored the awe-inspiring landscapes of Whistler, and delved into important topics such as anti-bias and inclusion. Our journey also led us to the beautiful Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre, where we immersed ourselves in the rich tapestry of local Indigenous cultures.  Both learning experiences reflect our commitment to social responsibility and providing growth opportunities that have impact beyond our work.


We are grateful for the people and projects that have driven Bunt’s success to date. A huge thank you to all our Bunters for their hard work, passion, and contributions over the years. A special shout-out to our dedicated administration staff and the social committee for all the planning and coordination behind the scenes. Here’s to 30 years of shared achievements and to the many more milestones and memories ahead on our collective journey at Bunt & Associates!


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