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Bunt Staff Participate in TILT City: Engaging the Streets

TILT City: Engaging The Streets took place on November 4th, 2015 as part of the SFU Community Summit – We the City and inspired by Curiosity Labs by HCMA. Bunt staff members Lynn Machacek, Tyler Thomson, John Turecki, and Simon de Verteuil formed parts of four out of the eleven different multi-disciplinary teams participating in a one-day event tasked with temporarily “activating” a city street in downtown Vancouver. Fortunately for us, these gentlemen shared their experience with our crew during an in-house Lunch & Learn presentation. And what an experience they had – through much creativity and a whole lot of teamwork, the TILT City teams proved that blank, seemingly unengaging city spaces, can in fact be transformed to invigorate the public realm. SFU Public Square in association with HCMA and TILT City produced this video to showcase the day’s events in an effort to “spark, nurture and restore community connections”.