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A Review of Accessibility Experiences

Christephen Cheng, P. Eng. of our Vancouver office has been appointed as an Advisor to the Canadian Institute of Transportation Engineers (CITE) Accessibility Committee.

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Billy Dong

Billy Dong Heads Up GVITE

Billy Dong, P. Eng. has been involved as a member of the Greater Vancouver Section Institute of Transportation Engineers (GVITE) for several years,

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UBC Transit Facility Field Test a Success

Bunt & Associates recently helped to prepare for a full-scale field test of the design of the new University of British Columbia (UBC) Bus Exchange.

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Bunt Staff Participate in TILT City: Engaging the Streets

TILT City: Engaging The Streets took place on November 4th, 2015 as part of the SFU Community Summit – We the City and inspired by Curiosity Labs by HCMA.

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