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before and after maps

Before-and-after maps show how freeways transformed America’s cities

In the name of urban renewal, postwar development saw the construction of scores of freeways between the 1950’s and 1980’s.

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jakarta car-free day

Car-free day in Jakarta offers a strikingly beautiful scene

For five hours every Sunday, one of the super congested thoroughfares of Jakarta is transformed into a thing of beauty with cyclists taking to the road.  

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buntbitaug19 copy

Stepping It Up with Professional Designations

Over the past couple of months, four staff members at Bunt & Associates have taken a positive step forward in earning professional designations.

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bikemaps.org message in a bottle

Use bikemaps.org to report cycling incidents

Staff from our Vancouver office distributed 500 water bottles to unsuspecting cyclists on June 18th in an effort to help raise awareness about BikeMaps.org -a global mapping system that allows citizens to map locations of cycling incidents and report on the nature of the event,

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