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Welcome Domingo (Niño) Maclang

We are very pleased to welcome Niño Maclang to Bunt & Associates.  Working from our Vancouver office, Niño is a Senior Transportation Engineer who brings expertise in project management, travel demand modeling, and traffic engineering.

Niño graduated from the University of California, Irvine in 2004.  After graduating, he was employed by a transportation planning consulting firm for 8 years and was involved in a variety of transportation projects including TIAs, interchange design projects, grade separation projects, and updating Long Range Post-2035 / Official Community Plans for various municipalities in Southern California.  He later spent 2+ years as a Transportation Modeling Analyst at the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) which he describes as Orange County’s Translink.   During his tenure at OCTA, Niño worked as part of the Modeling team to develop and maintain the agency’s Regional Travel Demand Model.  At OCTA, Niño was able to help decision makers and executive staff to interpret technical modeling data (such as VMT, Speeds, select link analysis) relayed by the travel demand model.