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Student Open House 2019

Our Bunt Vancouver Team welcomed UBC and BCIT students to our office on March 1st. This was a great opportunity for several students whom we met at recent student/industry night events to get a glimpse into where their education may take them. Thanks to all who participated and special shout out to Yulia Liem for organizing the event, Linda Santos for taking care of the details, Peter Joyce, Floris van Weelderen, and Daniel Fung who passed along their wisdom as senior transportation professionals, and to Matt Taylor, Fede Puscar, Joshua Cayanan, Nicole He, Thea Wilson, and Jordan Eccles who showcased their work.  This was the first time several of the students were introduced to #mTIA, #Synchro/Simtraffic, #Civil 3D, #AutoTurn 2D/3D, #Functional design, #EMME, #GIS, #Parking studies, #TDM, and #VISSIM.