We are passionate about the importance of road safety and the well-being of all users. Our team's wealth of experience in recognizing and minimizing potential road safety risks has solidified our position as a highly reputable entity in this specialized field. We take great pride in our ability to provide expert advice and audits for both municipal and provincial clients.

Public Projects

Beaumont In-Service Road Safety Review
The Beaumont City Council together with the community identified 55 Avenue/56A Street intersections and Rue Montalet/56A Street as potential sites for safety improvements.

Our team studied the intersection and presented the findings to City Council. Our recommendations focused on the implementation and standardization of signage, sightline improvements, and the development of a curb extension pilot program.

Town of Morinville Pedestrian Crossing Review
The Town of Morinville Transportation Master Plan guides transportation planning and growth over 5, 15, and 25-year horizons. Pedestrian safety was a common concern echoed by stakeholders, the public, and the Steering Committee.

Our team completed a review of pedestrian crossings throughout Morinville, which was key to safety recommendations. We identified the crossings to be retained and/or upgraded along with those recommended to be removed. The process, findings, and lessons learned through the review can be applied to future pedestrian crossings in Morinville.

Image Source: Flickr/ Town of Okotoks

Town of Okotoks Network Screening Program
The Town of Okotoks’ unbiased Network Screening Program evaluates the town’s road network to identify the locations most suitable for detailed analysis.

Our team developed a combined risk-index and collision-based methodology to rank Okotok’s intersections. Our study included the development of the network screening tool and a review of existing conditions. Based on the outcome of our work, the Town of Okotoks requested additional detailed in-service road safety reviews for two high-risk intersections.

Images Source: Uplift Engagement Communications

Oak Bay Pedestrian & Sidewalk Master Plan
The Oak Bay Pedestrian and Sidewalk Master Plan will help to build an inclusive and connected pedestrian network that strengthens the community’s quality of life. Enhancing the pedestrian network will also help to improve connections between other modes, such as transit. The key is to ensure meaningful connections and provide continuous and direct routes that are safe, comfortable, enjoyable, and navigable for users of all ages and abilities.

Our team developed a suite of design measures that could be applied to various locations to improve safety, comfort, enjoyment, and navigability.

Wilkinson Road Construction & Traffic Management Plan
The District of Saanich will be constructing a new Wilkinson Bridge and upgrading Wilkinson Road between Mann Avenue and Quick’s Bottom Trail. The District required a Traffic Management Plan to manage the diverted traffic during construction and minimize impact.

Using several closure scenarios, we estimated the potential diversion of vehicle trips from the corridor during the construction period, assessed traffic impacts, and developed traffic management strategies to mitigate the anticipated impacts.

Burnaby Schools’ Adult Crossing Guard Program Safety Review
The School District 41 Adult Crossing Guard Program provided for crossing guards at 26 elementary schools. The success of the program resulted in several locations where a new guard was being considered or requested.

Our team completed an independent review of how adult crossing guard locations are prioritized including developing a new prioritization methodology. Our methodology led to improvements in the existing prioritization framework and optimized the allocation of resources.

Private Projects

Deerfoot Trail Corridor Design & Safety Review
Deerfoot Trail is Alberta’s busiest freeway and a critical component of Calgary’s transportation network for both commuter travel and goods movement. The Corridor Study is an Alberta Transportation initiative to manage traffic and improve safety.

Our team sourced and evaluated multiple traffic volumes that were matrixed and used by the design team. We further performed a VISSIM microsimulation analysis, made lane and intersection configuration recommendations, and tested options. Our safety review of the Deerfoot corridor design helped inform the ultimate design package.

Image Source: City of Edmonton

Edmonton Valley Line West Road Safety Audit
Edmonton Valley Line West is the second stage of the Valley Line, an urban-style 27 km line that will operate between Mill Woods in southeast Edmonton and Lewis Farms in the western portion of the city.

Our team worked as the project’s Road Safety Auditor to ensure the road safety implications of the Valley Line West Light Rail Transit (LRT) were fully considered during the detailed design and construction project phases. Road Safety Audit Certificates were issued for the various stages during the process.

West Calgary Ring Road Safety Audit
The West Calgary Ring Road is the final section needed to complete the Calgary Ring Road. Once complete, the entire Calgary Ring Road will provide more than 100 km of free-flow travel around the city, improving access to hospitals, schools, workplaces, and recreation, and reducing congestion.

Our team completed Road Safety Audits at various stages throughout the design process, identified safety-related elements, and suggested corrective measures to mitigate the identified safety concerns.

Pleasant Valley Road Roundabout Review & Road Safety Audits
We were engaged by Monaghan Engineering and Consulting Ltd. to develop conceptual roundabout designs for the 39 Avenue/Pleasant Valley Road and 43 Avenue/Pleasant Valley Road intersections in Vernon, BC.

Our team provided an overview of existing roadway conditions, including a preliminary review of the roundabout concepts for each intersection. We completed road safety audits for each intersection to evaluate the safety performance of design elements along with two additional intersections identified for In-Service Road Safety Reviews by the City of Vernon.

Skookum Music Festival Transportation Management Plan
The Skookum Music Festival was the largest music festival in Stanley Park’s history with over 20,000 daily attendees over three days.

Our team prepared and implemented a Transportation Management Plan focusing on shuttle buses, parking, signage, and traffic management. We ensured non-event park visitors had full access to Stanley Park and nearby attractions during the multi-day festival. The Plan’s successful implementation garnered positive public, media, and the City of Vancouver Parks Board feedback.