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Proud Sponsor of CITE 2018 Conference

Once again, Bunt & Associates is proud to support the CITE Annual Conference. Taking place in Edmonton, Alberta, both local staff and others traveling from Calgary and Vancouver will be presenting a variety of topics. Check out the conference program.

Alyssa Peters Parking in Parkland: Counter-intuitive? The Role of Transportation Planning Within the Ribbon of Green Project

Christephen Cheng – Activated Laneway: Making Laneway a Place-making Experience While Maintaining its Functionality

Floris van Weelderen Pedestrians, Cyclists, Buses, and Passenger Cars…But What About the Garbage? A Primer on Solid Waste Management for the Transportation Professional

Lindsay de Leeuw and Lynn MachacekEvent Traffic Management: Mitigating Chaos

Mark Huberman – Rogers Place Arena and Ice District Special Event Management Plan

Yulia Liem – Future-Proofing our Parking Strategies: Positive (and Negative) Lessons from Vancouver