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International Women in Engineering Day 2024

International Women in Engineering Day (INWED) is June 23, and Bunt & Associates is thrilled to join the global engineering community’s celebration.


INWED is about recognizing and celebrating the amazing work, achievements, progress, and impact of women in all things engineering around the world, with this years theme being EnhancedByEngineering.


At Bunt, we continue to encourage, develop, and celebrate women in their engineering careers and we are very fortunate that across our 5 offices, comprise 50% women, with our Board of Directors having 60% female representation. Today, and every day, these women are integral to our corporate identity, culture and decision making, and their project work supports vibrant and inclusive communities – paving the way for future female engineering talent.


So, let’s recognize and celebrate the incredible women in engineering across all disciplines who are making a significant impact in their field, and continuing to inspire the next generation.


Checking out the local events in your area, attending webinars and sharing stories are some great ways to get involved. Learn more about INWED here.