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Bunts Perspective on Shared Micromobility and its Growing Presence in Urban Transportation

Bunt and Associates had the pleasure of speaking with the Journal of Commerce on ‘shared micromobility’ and its increasing popularity in communities.

Tyler Thomson, Associate & Senior Transportation Planner, touches on shared micromobility being part of a practical and philosophical evolution in urban transportation, stating: “People are using shared micromobility devices in urban areas for different reasons. What they have in common is that they’re looking for a means of transportation that’s the most convenient and most efficient for them.”


Daniel Fung, President and Senior Transportation Engineer, says “there has been a paradigm shift in mentality and technology (the devices themselves). Road space needs to be redefined and reallocated so that everyone can be safely accommodated.”


Bunt and Associates is proud of our involvement in all types of transportation projects which include high profile, dense and complex urban sites and corridors. We continuously strive to inspire active and sustainable ways of moving around, making journeys safer and more efficient through our urban planning projects. Our team is highly skilled in developing active transportation and travel demand management plans, as well as designing pedestrian, cycling, and transit facilities – encouraging the push for shared micromobility in our communities.


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